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Workers’ compensation and personal injury law in Lewisville, TX

If you have been injured due to the negligence or fault of another, do you trust them to fully cover the damages to which you’re entitled? Don’t settle for the initial payoff they offer. Make sure you’re getting the full compensation you deserve for your pain and distress by hiring a personal injury lawyer in Lewisville, Texas.

The Law Office of Richard N. Johnston focuses on representing clients who sustained a personal injury on the job, in an automobile accident or other event that was the fault of another party. For over 30 years, local workers’ compensation attorney Mr. Richard N. Johnston has guided his clients through the process of seeking personal injury compensation.

To speak with Mr. Johnston about your workers’ compensation or personal injury case in Lewisville, TX, call today and schedule an appointment. In-home and hospital consultations are also available for your convenience.

Partner with us through every stage of your case

Accomplished workers’ compensation and personal injury attorney in Lewisville, TX

You probably have questions, concerns and things you simply don’t know when it comes to your work injury or personal injury case in Lewisville, TX. Rely on the experience and compassion you’ll find at the Law Office of Richard N. Johnston to guide you through the entire process.

We’ll go above and beyond to build the best case possible by speaking with your doctor, exploring your company’s workers’ compensation policy and fighting insurance companies on your behalf. By trusting your personal injury case to an attorney who also represents you on the work injury case, you will enhance the potential value of both cases.

This office handles both personal injury and work injury cases. Be sure to retain an attorney who will represent you on both. Call the Law Office of Richard N. Johnston today for your free phone consultation: (972) 434-0171.

Were you injured on the construction site?

Hire a construction accident attorney in Lewisville, TX

Construction sites are full of hazards. Your employer may argue that you accept those hazards by choosing to work for them, but they can still be held responsible for injuries you sustained on the job.

If you have been injured at the construction site, it is very important to consult an attorney immediately. Construction companies are notorious for denying injured workers claims, so a phone consultation with the Law Office of Richard N. Johnston immediately after an accident could prove to be invaluable to you.

Call (972) 434-0171 for your free phone consultation now.

Se habla Espanol

Personal injury assistance in Lewisville, TX for English and Spanish speaking clients

Our great nation presents employment opportunities for people of all backgrounds. To better represent our fellow Americans who have been injured on the job, whether it be on the construction site or elsewhere, we offer service to English and Spanish speaking clients. Call today to schedule your appointment with a considerate, effective personal injury lawyer in Lewisville, Texas.

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